Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Latest Fashion In Salwar Kameez

Innovations never end; and so is the case with latest fashion in shalwar kameez. They are like a flowing river, gathers freshwater and more buyers. In this respect the ethnic garment industry produces one of the finest examples in shalwar kameez. It is always bubbling with fresh ideas and innovative designs.

A dress like shalwar kameez is like white sheet of paper. One can draw anything one likes; there is never any full stop. If one talks about the latest fashion in shalwar kameez then the first mention has to be the designer variant and those popularized by film heroines. It is not that they make use of different materials that have never been used, but they use the same materials differently. They do typical mix and match with textiles, fabrics, embroideries, and cuts. This helps them to maintain feeling of freshness in designs.

The other segment that is a craze among especially among young buyers is Indo-western type shalwars. 

They are made to be sensual and yet have traditional elements. When a traditional fabric is mixed is used to create a kameez that has well defined western features, the effects is sensual and yet does not hurt the traditional parameters.


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