Thursday, 7 November 2013

Street Fashion Trends

Street style refers to the grassroots in the youth culture of the most recent decades – from the 60s up until now. It's not a specific one type of dressing, but it covers a host of different fashion styles.


It is a way of self-expression through clothes where you mix various looks in one; or a dress code which you and your peers share which represents a strong statement or opinion. Basically speaking, a lot of the fashion you see in large urban areas is created and styled by young people. Most of the street style fashionistas don't care much about what other people think about them - they just follow their own flow and focus on self-expression and feeling comfortable in their clothes. It doesn't mean they're careless - they just don't feel it's necessary to follow the latest fashion trends and "must-have" looks. They follow what inspires them.

You can almost say that women who closely follow street style are more creative and even bolder than other fashionistas. 

Modern Street Style

Fashion is different today compared to what it used be back in the previous decades - and it has been changing rapidly even in the past 3 years. In today's fashion era, street fashionistas are taking a more individualistic approach to fashion where they focus on putting together outfits that reflect their personal style and mood. They don't have any hard and fast rules on how to dress. Some don't care about the basics, others do. 

Types of Clothes in Fashion Street :

Fashion street is famous for trendy Jeans, Track pants, Capris, Shirts, Skirts, Tops, Skimpy night wear, Toddlers clothes. Also there are Caps, Earrings, Sports shoes, Kolhapuri chappals and mojris, Belts etc. Lots of clothes has defects and are rejected pieces just because of No buttons and such minor faults. Sellers at fashion street are open to exchange if you see any defects and bring back as per in limited time.

Most of the clothes land here because they get rejected by the quality conscious importers. It is possible that you may get a button missing or crooked collar, but on the whole, these clothes are stylish, cheap and of good quality. The clothes, which make the craze stuff in the leading stores of the US and Europe, can be obtained at Fashion Street, besides for a fraction of their price overseas. Export quality dress materials are available here in cheap prizes. Do not forget to bargain on the prices.


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